Change, Nostalgia and unleashing my inner Carrie Bradshaw

Have you ever had one of those moods where all you want to do is write, but have no clue what you actually want to write about?

I know my previous posts have mainly been beauty related, and although that is one of my biggest interests, I don’t want this blog to become a strictly beauty blog. I don’t want this blog to just merge with a sea of other beauty bloggers, I want to be different. I think what I am liking so far about blogging is the freedom to put out there anything that I like. So with that freedom comes this post.

*Deep Breath*



The past few weeks have proved to be a weird time for me. I think with the upcoming anniversary of my arrival in Australia 3 years ago, could be part of the reason for this uneasy time of year for me. I think I have come along way since I first arrived in Australia. I was only fifteen and weeks from turning sixteen when I moved to Australia and it honestly was one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through. It’s strange to think that I haven’t seen my family and friends in almost three years. There’s a sense of excitement when thinking of the next time I will get to see them but also a hint of sadness knowing that I will have a taste of what life used to be like, only to have to once again leave.

Every time I think of all the things that I missed out on when leaving Ireland, I have to remind myself of all the positive things that have happened to me as a result of emigrating. I have met so many amazing people and have experienced places and things beyond imaginable for someone of my age. So with the tinge of sadness that comes with the memory of leaving Ireland, a place that I feel really shaped me as a person, change really does make you who you are meant to be.

I’m about to start my second semester of University and I’m actually looking forward to it. With last semester being my first semester ever at University, I felt a bit out of my depth and constantly doubted my abilities. Now that I have received my end of semester exam results and I have passed all my classes so far, my confidence levels have definitely received a well-deserved boost! I’m kind of looking forward to having some sort of routine again. This last month off has allowed me to de-stress and relax but know I think I’m ready to go back, which I never imagined myself saying.

I bought myself a new laptop today as only having a desktop computer began to become frustrating when I needed to be free from my house but needed to commit myself to doing assignments on the computer. I’m feeling very Carrie Bradshaw-esque now, ready for writing in coffee shops and breaking free from my current routine. If anything Carrie Bradshaw stands as one of the many reasons I wanted to start a blog. Although her life is fictional and incredibly glamorized, it’s almost innate for any sex and the city fan to some how want to emulate the life of Carrie Bradshaw in their own way.

Also I got 1975 tickets today and I may be slightly freaking out but I have to save my excitement for next January 😦

So that’s it for this very random and very spontaneous post, I hope you have a lovely day.

All the Love.



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