Life gets in the way sometimes

This post is embarrassingly overdue.

I’ve been caught up in the uni haze for the last couple of months and the stress of assignments as well as other life commitments, blogging has ended up at the bottom of the list of my priorities. But I’ve missed the feeling of writing, even though I find it difficult to find clarity in what i want to write and actually doing it, but my theory is the more I write the more i’ll ease into the writing flow.

So I feel like a life update might be necessary even though not much has changed. I’m officially at the half way point of my degree and so far I have passed 2/4 of my units, so here’s hoping that i pass the other two units as well! I’m slightly terrified  that next year I’ll be in the last year of uni and then i’ll be done and off into the real working world…. but I’ve yet to reach that point, so i’m not overly stressing as of now.

Overall I’m excited for new content and to hopefully expand the design and layout of the blog over the next few months. I promise i’ll try my best to try and balance uni/life/work/blogging as best as I can.




Emigrating from Ireland four years on..

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I am approaching my fourth year since I moved to Perth and it’s finally starting to feel more like home. I’m not saying I’m immune to the odd day of feeling homesick but overall I’m happy with where I am right now. Four years ago is probably a completely different story, when my sixteen year old self spent every waking moment trying to figure out how to get out of Australia by the time I was eighteen.The reality of the move didn’t hit me until I had actually arrived in Australia, I think it’s this way for most people who make the drastic change in lifestyle. I didn’t cry saying goodbye to friends and family, not because I wasn’t sad to say goodbye but more because I didn’t  realise just how long it would be until the next time I got to hug them or talk to them without having to deal with wifi interrupted Skype calls.

The first year was hard on not only me but my parents also, looking back I feel bad for my attitude towards Australia, my parents had to decide for our family whether living on the bare minimum in Ireland was the best future for us all and whether moving to Australia could provide us with a better life, which it does. Soon after the first year you start to find your grounding, recognising street names and remembering directions, little things that are so second nature to you when you live somewhere for so long like I did in Ireland. I felt lucky to have a really close knit group of friends at school who were all pretty much in the same situation as me, having also emigrated from the likes of England and Scotland. My friends soon turned into my second family when all our families become close friends also and soon I began to feel like I had acquired an ”Aussie” family despite the fact it contained no Australians.

As I graduated from High school and got accepted into university, this is when my love for Australia definitely increased. I had a new sense of freedom and felt like I was finally working for my future rather than being sat in a classroom worried that I wasn’t going to get accepted to university. My school didn’t see university as something of high importance to actually educate students on, leaving me and my friend’s to have to figure out the Australian education system for ourselves. We managed to figure it out though so it’s not all doom and gloom. I’m now a second year in university which is hard to believe and I’m definitely feeling the uni vibes in a more positive way this year.

The reality of emigrating is simple really, you have good days and you have bad days. You have to remind yourself that it’s easy to remember the good times back in Ireland but the reality of what my life would have been like for me and my family if we had stayed in Ireland is one that I don’t like to dwell on too much. Sometimes the best thing to do is listen to a bit of Westlife, have a cup of Barry’s tea and put the air con on blast just to have a brief moment of what life used to be like.




Let go

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Starting a challenge or a task is often the biggest barrier of actually achieving a goal. Sometimes you mentally block things out or keep putting thoughts and ideas on the back burner, because you could never see your dreams and goals truly becoming a reality. Whether your dream is big or small is irrelevant to actually creating a starting point for yourself. I think for me personally, I have so many ideas and ambitions that I want to achieve yet the opinions of others influence me too much at times. Writing is one of my greatest passions, I get this weird release when I’ve written something that I’m actually proud to have created. My issue with writing is that I get so hard on myself when it comes to creating content. My overall problem with writing is that I write what I think others will enjoy instead of writing what I want to write for myself. It is at this point that I reach my own personal writer’s block and struggle to find words to express myself.

Slowly I can feel myself begin to ease up in terms of my writing. I don’t know whether it’s because it’s a new year or a new week but I am slowly beginning to not care as much about what others think. Obviously I want to put out good content but I’m now also beginning to accept that not every post has to be so thought out in order to be worthy of being published online.

I think what I’m trying to get at is that letting go of inhibitions and anxieties is what can get you closer to where you ultimately want to be. So if there is something that you’ve wanted to do but keep on pushing back, let go. Just start. The sooner you realise that only you are able to get to where you want to be, the further you begin to step in the right direction. Hopefully this mindset will stay with me for the rest of the year and that I keep on pushing myself with writing and creating content for this blog. Please let me know in the comments what you want to achieve in 2016.




2016- The year ahead.

It’s been awhile since my last blog post but I promise it’s with good reason. With finishing up my first year of university, exams, working along with Christmas and new years it’s been a whirlwind of a few months and I just haven’t had the time to sit down and just write. I’ve also had a slight lack of motivation on top of my busy schedule. I think the past few months have been filled with so many ups and downs that as soon as the year began to end and I was tying up the loose ends of 2015, I felt exhausted and burned out. I think a few weeks of not having a set schedule and having places and things that need to be done has served me well and I am feeling revitalized and ready to take on 2016.

I’m not really one for resolutions as I never seem to stick to them, but I am definitely wanting to set myself some short and long term goals for 2016 and beyond. One of those goals is to get my drivers license. I am the last of my friends to actually get round to sorting out the license situation and probably one of the few nineteen year olds in Perth that hasn’t yet got their license. I don’t know what it is with me and driving but last year before I started university I was doing really well in the driving department and then I had family visit me over Christmas and I just never booked a lesson again after that, for no particular reason other than I felt really busy and it just wasn’t on my mind as it was prior to starting university. So a definite goal for 2016 is to have my license before the year ends (and before my learners permit expires…).

Another goal for 2016 is to figure out a regular and maintainable schedule for my blog. I’ve found that since starting this blog I’ve tended to update the blog very sporadically and not with any form of regular uploading schedule, so I’m hoping that over the next few weeks I can figure that out and find  a way to keep posting regularly. Healthy eating and fitness is definitely a goal in mind for 2016. I think the post Christmas guilt has definitely been kicking in over the past few weeks so I’m going to try my best from this point on to stop indulging and instead reach for a better alternative. Exercise wise I’ve been pretty good I’ve been either going on the treadmill and doing some weights and other exercises or else doing laps in the pool at least 5 days a week, and I’ve been really enjoying it. In September last year I got really into fitness but then ended up fracturing my foot after I slipped on a night out, (100% sober to make it worse) so that was a slight setback in the fitness department but I’m feeling good and back on track again

A major aspect of myself that I want to work on this year is to try and feel less anxious and stressed out. I think sometimes when I’m in a stressful situation it’s hard for me to see an end point or a way out, creating this mindset that I’m stuck in a situation that I can’t get out of when really it’s all in my head. I think overall I am a rational person and I know what I want to achieve and where I would like to see myself in the future, but sometimes it’s hard to imagine what you visualise for yourself to manifest and actually become a reality. So this year I want to focus on myself, as much as writing that makes me cringe internally, I know it’s what I need to do this year in order to further myself and bring me to where I want to be.

In 2016 I would love to travel more both locally and internationally. I’m not originally from Australia so I still feel like I have so many places to visit and explore so I’m making it a goal to make a road trip in the near future. I also want to try and go back to Ireland for the first time since I moved almost four years ago. I can’t help but feel guilty for the amount of times I’ve said ”I’m definitely going to try and come home this year” and it just not happening. It’s frustrating to me because I just have days sometimes where I just crave to be  home. As much as I love Australia it will never be able to replace Ireland as being my home. I miss my family and friends as well and just to be able to see them in real life would just be such an amazing feeling. I would also love to visit some European cities like Amsterdam, Vienna and Frankfurt if the opportunity presented itself.

So rounding up the goals of 2016 thus far, it’s exciting to have a fresh start and to feel excited to kick myself into action for the year ahead. Hopefully everyone has already had a great start to the new year and here’s hoping 2016 is a good one.





Boats & Burgers

On Sunday, me and one of my best friend Liv decided to head down to Hilary’s harbour for a little Sunday sesh to celebrate the bank holiday weekend.

We went to the beach shack for some burgers and milkshakes, which we both really enjoyed. I went for a chicken, avocado, cheese and garlic aioli burger (of course I was too hungry to actually remember to take a picture of it 😉 )


After we overdosed on chocolate milkshakes, we decided to take a stroll along the harbour and watch the sunset. We then headed to the breakwater for a gossip session over a few glasses of sparkling wine. We then headed home singing along to the grease soundtrack. It was a lovely day!

Hope you are having a lovely day




Change, Nostalgia and unleashing my inner Carrie Bradshaw

Have you ever had one of those moods where all you want to do is write, but have no clue what you actually want to write about?

I know my previous posts have mainly been beauty related, and although that is one of my biggest interests, I don’t want this blog to become a strictly beauty blog. I don’t want this blog to just merge with a sea of other beauty bloggers, I want to be different. I think what I am liking so far about blogging is the freedom to put out there anything that I like. So with that freedom comes this post.

*Deep Breath*



The past few weeks have proved to be a weird time for me. I think with the upcoming anniversary of my arrival in Australia 3 years ago, could be part of the reason for this uneasy time of year for me. I think I have come along way since I first arrived in Australia. I was only fifteen and weeks from turning sixteen when I moved to Australia and it honestly was one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through. It’s strange to think that I haven’t seen my family and friends in almost three years. There’s a sense of excitement when thinking of the next time I will get to see them but also a hint of sadness knowing that I will have a taste of what life used to be like, only to have to once again leave.

Every time I think of all the things that I missed out on when leaving Ireland, I have to remind myself of all the positive things that have happened to me as a result of emigrating. I have met so many amazing people and have experienced places and things beyond imaginable for someone of my age. So with the tinge of sadness that comes with the memory of leaving Ireland, a place that I feel really shaped me as a person, change really does make you who you are meant to be.

I’m about to start my second semester of University and I’m actually looking forward to it. With last semester being my first semester ever at University, I felt a bit out of my depth and constantly doubted my abilities. Now that I have received my end of semester exam results and I have passed all my classes so far, my confidence levels have definitely received a well-deserved boost! I’m kind of looking forward to having some sort of routine again. This last month off has allowed me to de-stress and relax but know I think I’m ready to go back, which I never imagined myself saying.

I bought myself a new laptop today as only having a desktop computer began to become frustrating when I needed to be free from my house but needed to commit myself to doing assignments on the computer. I’m feeling very Carrie Bradshaw-esque now, ready for writing in coffee shops and breaking free from my current routine. If anything Carrie Bradshaw stands as one of the many reasons I wanted to start a blog. Although her life is fictional and incredibly glamorized, it’s almost innate for any sex and the city fan to some how want to emulate the life of Carrie Bradshaw in their own way.

Also I got 1975 tickets today and I may be slightly freaking out but I have to save my excitement for next January 😦

So that’s it for this very random and very spontaneous post, I hope you have a lovely day.

All the Love.



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Yesterday I went to repurchase my holy grail foundation, Estee Lauder Double Wear (my shade is desert beige) and shock horror, I ended up buying more than I actually needed 😉

july beauty buys

So I guess I should start with the reason why I went shopping, my foundation. This stuff is unbelievable. I genuinely can’t imagine myself ever changing my foundation this foundation lasts all day long, especially because I live in a hot climate country like Australia, having a foundation that lasts all day is essential if you want to avoid your makeup melting right off your face.

I also picked up a new primer, the shiseido glow enhancing primer with SPF 15. I’ve heard alot about this primer and decided I’d try it out. I thought that this might work well for me as my foundation is very matte, i feel this might help create a more dewy, natural look on the skin.

Skincare wise I picked up two things from priceline, I got the formula 10.0.6 pores be pure skin clarifying mud mask and the garnier micellar clensing wipes. The mud mask is an old favourite of mine that I like to pick up when I feel like my face needs abit of TLC and it always brings some brightness back into my skin and leaves my skin feeling sift and refreshed. The garnier micellar wipes is a new discovery for me, I’ve tried the micellar clensing water before which I did enjoy using but found I used it up quite quickly so I didn’t bother repurchasing it. When I saw the wipe version of the micellar cleansing water, the lazy girl within me put it straight in my basket to try out and I have to the wipes are amazing! I used one last night to remove my makeup and the wipes itself as so soft and smooth and aren’t harsh on the skin what so ever, so far so good with this product.

the last few products that I purchased are fairly basic. I got a new lipliner from the maybeline colour sensational range in the shade 20 Nude, perfect colour for everyday use and I thought this shade would go really well with my MAC Velvet teddy lipstick. I also repurchased my favourite black eyeliner by essence and I also bought a new can of the V05 Volume and lift hairspray. The final product i bought was a new nail varnish by rimmel in the shade Instyle Coral and I adore this colour so bright and colourful without being over the top.

july beauty buys 2

So those are my July beauty purchases so far, I hope enjoyed this post and if you want to know any further information on any of the products please feel free to ask in the comments!

Have a lovely day!

All the Love,






I cannot believe that June is already over,this year seems to be flying by so fast! This month I’ve found myself discovering new products that I have slightly fallen in love with, but I’ve also found myself using products that I bought months ago and have now only started using this past month.

june favs blog

1- Victoria Secret Ultra-moisturising hand and body cream in Secret Escape-

Quite the lengthy title but none the less this stuff is amazing! I bought this when I went to Melbourne in March and if I’m being honest I mainly bought this because I had always heard about VS but never got the chance to go an actual store, so on my first visit I didn’t want to leave empty-handed! I kind of put this on the back burner after I got back from Melbourne, but I found myself reaching for this a lot more this month. The scent is very fresh and floral without being too over powering. The body cream itself dries quickly and doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky after applying, perfect for people like me who aren’t really into body creams.

2- Rimmel match perfection concealer in 010 Ivory-

I bought this on whim early on in June as I never really was overly into concealers as I find my foundation (Estee Lauder Double Wear) to be pretty high coverage even when I’m having a bad skin day. I decided to go for this concealer as I was interested to start highlighting underneath my eyes with a liquid concealer. I just choose the lightest shade they have available in the range and it definitely exceeded my expectations. The consistency is quick thick but as soon as you blend it in it feels very light and doesn’t sit heavy under the eyes. It comes with a brush applicator very similar to the YSL touche eclat, just minus the luxe packaging.

3– Maybeline super stay 7 day nail polish in 635 Surreal-

This is another product that I purchased months ago that I have found myself reaching for once again this month. I think this is my favourite nail polish that I have ever tried! The label does not lie, this stuff lasts for the full 7 days without chipping, and this is coming from someone who never does a base coat or top coat after applying nail polish. Also the colour is beautiful mix of purple and blue tones and is perfect for both summer and winter seasons as it’s not too bright or too dark.

4- Maybeline colour tattoo in Tough as Taupe-

This colour is the perfect transition shade for a smokey eye or perfect on its own when paired with a champagne/gold shadow. One word of warning when using this product is blend, blend, blend! I found that if i didn’t blend this colour enough it can create a harsh line in the crease, so take those extra few seconds to blend this product out and you should have no issues!

5- MAC lipstick in Velvet Teddy-

I don’t think I’ve ever loved a lipstick as much as I love this one. It’s my perfect lipstick, for one its matte which is my go to kind of lipstick, the colour itself is what I can only describe as a nude/brown/orange/kylie jenner kind of shade. This colour seems to go with any type of eye look that I do and is basically the new love of my life (not even exaggerating…)


Since you can’t see the colour in the main picture..

6- Too Faced chocolate soleil matte bronzing powder

After being slightly disappointed by how quickly my Nars Laguna bronzer ran out, I decided that I was going to try out another bronzer. After watching a Lily Pebbles video I saw her use the Too Faced milk chocolate bronzer and loved how it looked on her so I decided i was going to check it out. After looking at the milk chocolate bronzer I thought it looked a little too light for me so I decided to get the shade up. I really do love this bronzer and it is definitely a slightly cheaper alternative to Nars Laguna. Although I think i still do prefer the Nars Bronzer, the too faced chocolate soleil definitely makes me use less product on a day-to-day basis.

7-L’Occitane hand cream in Rose-

This is a slightly unusual product for me to love, as for one I’m not a huge lover of rose scents and also I’m terrible at actually using up any type of hand cream. The scent of this hand cream definitely has a rose scent but it’s not over powering at all and smells like it has other floral scents mixed into it also. I keep tis beside my bed and apply it whenever I’m near and my hands are grateful for this!

That’s all my favourites for the month of June, Here’s hoping that July will be filled with nothing but good things.

All the love,